Our main facility is located in Alice, Texas. Our business has been around from more than 20 years with great standard of quality and outstanding customer service. We've always try to understand any situation from customers perspective and treat them with utmost respect.  We are also partnered with LEE CLEANERS(corpus christi) located on the intersection of Saratoga and Weber (across from the new Starbucks).

A Plus Services

We offer a variety of services! If you don't see what you need below please contact us!


We offer laundry service with or without  adding starch to the garment.  We also offer welder -starch for those that want extra heavy level of starch on their clothes.  

We can also launder exceptionally large materials like comforter for relatively cheaper price compared to dry cleaning comforter.

Dry Cleaning

We offer highest quality of hydro-carbon dry cleaning with exceptional stain removal techniques.

Dry Cleaning is highly recommended for suits, blouses, dresses, formal wears, and delicate materials like silk and linen to keep its vivid color and fabric in outstanding condition. 


We offer highest level of service in alteration with pricing that is easy on the pocket. 

We can hem the length of garments to make it shorter or longer (length depending on the available material), fix zippers, taper the sides or waist line, fix jean buttons, sew holes, add patches, and much more. 

Any questions please give us a call at


Drop Off & Pick Ups

For Pick Ups, If you bring your car around to the "EXIT" entrance of the HEB Plus,  we can deliver your clothes to your vehicle without getting off. 

Be sure to call us at  361-207-6575 and provide us with the invoice or contact information on the account.

For Drop Offs, we require that all drop-offs are pre-paid. You will receive a paper copy of the invoice when you drop-off your clothes. We can also text or email you whenever clothes are ready for pick up.

Clothes will be ready next day at 5:30 P.M. 

(FRI and SAT drop-offs will not be ready until monday at 5:30 P.M.)